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Welcome to Bob Wells Nursery LLC!

Whether you're looking to grow your own fruit, nut trees, or just add some shade to your landscape, Bob Wells Nursery LLC can provide the plants as well as the expertise to help you achieve your goals.  We're small enough to know you, large enough to supply in volume.

We are pleased to announce that Bob Wells Nursery LLC recently won a Garden Watchdog Top 5 award from for our Fruit Trees!  Visit our Fruit Trees section to look at our numerous varieties.

We're a Garden Watchdog Top 5 company for 2011

Welcome To Bob Wells Nursery LLC!

Thank you for stopping by our website. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to assist you with plant variety selections and planting information. Contact us by phone 903-882-3550 or email

Our Nursery Hours: 

 8 A.M. - 4 P.M. Monday - Friday / 8 A.M. - 12 P.M. Saturday 

Seasonal Topics

We invite you to come by our location and shop our large selection of container grown stock available year-round.
Special shipping arrangements can be made if you need container stock delivered. Shipped collect by common carrier (ie. Central Freight Lines). Thousands of container grown Trees and Plants available right now, Beautiful quality! (most 5 gallons - $24.50)

A big THANKS!! to our customers for purchasing from Bob Wells Nursery LLC.

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Special Priced Products

Thornless Blackberry
1 Gal Size (nice)
100 rate = $6.50
1000 rate = $5.75
5000 rate = $4.80

Strawberry plants begin shipping September 1st.

Our bare root tree shipping season begins October 1st each season and continues through June 1st. If you place a bare root tree order after June 1st, we will not ship it until October 1st, because bare root trees need to be planted when it is not so hot outside. However, you can plant our container trees all year around, including the summer. If you order container trees, they will need to be picked up at the nursery. If you want us to ship container trees, you will need to call us with your order, so that we can arrange for the shipping via freight lines, as they are too big to ship UPS.

Shipping & handling cost for up to 7 bare root trees (2 year old), is $27.50.