Almond Trees

Nut trees offer a beautiful, as well as functional, addition to any landscape. For instance, Almonds are delicious, versatile, and full of health benefits. It’s no wonder why they are so popular these days. How would you like to stop paying grocery store prices and start growing your own?   Well, contact Bob Wells Nursery to shop our large selection and variety of almond trees currently available.

Chestnut Trees

The Chestnuts’ lightly sweet flavor makes them the perfect addition to desserts. Moreover, you can also enjoy chestnuts by themselves. These hardy nut trees make a beautiful addition to any yard or garden.  View Bob Wells Nursery Chestnut tree selection.

Hazelnut Trees

Hazelnuts are soft, sweet, and versatile. You can use them for baking, but they are equally delicious by themselves.  This particular nut tree produces abundant crops, so you’ll never have a shortage of hazelnuts.  Bob Wells Nursery can help you with your selection today.

Hickory Trees

Hickory nuts provide a rich, sweet flavor with lots of health benefits.  They also give you a lot of nutrients for such a small treat. The hickory tree’s wide leaves also provide shade during hotter weather.  Search our selection or contact us at Bob Wells Nursery with any questions.

Pecan Trees

Pecans come from a variety of the hickory nut tree which provides a sweet flavor. With the pecans that you grow in your own backyard, you can bake pecan pies, add nuts to your ice cream, or just eat them plain. The lush, deep green leaves will also add a subtle beauty to your garden or landscape.  Contact us at Bob Wells with questions or suggestions.

Walnut Trees

Not only do walnuts taste great, but they’re also good for promoting brain health, as well as, being full of antioxidants. Now you can grow your own! The size and hardiness of the walnut tree means that you also get shade and beauty. Here, at Bob Wells Nursery, we can help you with your selection.