Cattley Red Guava Tree


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The entire fruit of a Cattley Red Guava Tree can be eaten due to the thin skin and juicy interior. They are both soft and tasty. Also, it is great for making jams! The skin is often removed for a sweeter flavour. The seeds are small and white in colour. Furthermore, grinding the seeds is an ideal substitute for coffee. The Cattley Red Guava Tree leaves may be brewed for tea.
Performs best in full sun
Soil must remain moist – do not let dry out between watering
Can be grown inside/potted

Guava is an enjoyable fruit in jelly, juice, pastries, as well as, a multitude of other recipes. The fruit can be round to pear shaped, Typically, the fruit is about the size of a baseball with a smooth, sweet pulp that is extremely aromatic. Lastly, the trees are heavy fruit producers and will begin producting fruit at just one year of age.

Climate Zones

ZONE 9-11

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