Mexican Key Lime Tree (Thornless cultivar)


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The Mexican Key Lime is one of the most popular North American lime trees. This ‘Mexican thornless’ is a thorn-free cultivar. It is a true lime tree. This lime is known by many names such as Key lime, Mexican lime, Bartender’s lime, and West Indian lime. The trees are moderately-sized and bushy and the leaves are distinctively aromatic when crushed. Mexican lime trees are sensitive to cold performing best in areas with long summers and frost-free winters. The blossoms are pure white and fragrant. The fruits are small with a thin, smooth, greenish-yellow rind at maturity that is especially fragrant. The flesh is greenish-yellow, seedy, and highly acidic, with a fine texture. Once Mexican limes reach full maturity, usually in autumn to early winter, they drop from the tree.

Climate Zones

Zone 9-11 CITRUS

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