Strawberry plants can be either June-bearing, everbearing or day-neutral.

June-bearing strawberry varieties
June bearers are extremely popular, producing the largest strawberries over a relatively short time period during the month of June.

Everbearing strawberry varieties
Everbearing strawberries produce two harvests per year – one in the spring and another in the late summer or fall. Everbearing varieties put out fewer runners than June-bearing varieties, as most of the plant’s energy is directed toward producing strawberries.

Day-neutral strawberry varieties
Unlike June-bearing varieties, day-neutral strawberries will produce in the first year. They flower and set strawberries whenever the temperature is between 35 and 85 degrees. They can still fruit in October during milder years. The drawback to day-neutral strawberry plants is that they produce smaller strawberries than June-bearing and everbearing strawberry varieties.

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