Thank you for choosing Bob Wells Nursery. We typically ship merchandise either the same or next business day on which the order was received.  WE DO NOT HOLD RETAIL ORDERS. All packages are sent via FedEx in boxes that range in size from two to seven feet long.


Regulatory Restrictions

Shipping to the following states may be delayed due to regulations that require packages to be inspected before shipping as required by the USDA, Texas Department of Agriculture and your local state regulatory agency:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington

In the case your package requires inspection, these packages will be shipped on a weekly schedule on Wednesdays.

State of California – We are prohibited from shipping persimmon trees to the state of California.

States of New York and Washington  We are prohibited from shipping grapevine plants to either of these states.

State of Oregon  Containers larger than 1 gallon are prohibited from shipping to the state of Oregon. If you order a tree that is only available in a larger container, we will be required to send it as bare root and the leaves stripped from the tree.

Citrus – Federal and state laws prohibit us from shipping citrus outside the state of Texas. No exceptions allowed.

We are unable to ship any packages outside the contiguous 48 states. This means we are not able to ship to these locations: Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other US territories.

In most instances, the shipping & handling cost for every two trees in 5-gallon containers is $39.95.  ** Most berries, vines, grapes and small plants will cost $22.95 for shipping. Generally, we can fit up to six of the 1-gallon plants into a single shipping box. (**Some exceptions do apply to prevent damage in transit, particularly with citrus trees, avocado trees, multi-grafted fruit trees, tropical tree varieties and some flowering shade trees.)

All orders are confirmed with a FedEx tracking number.


I want to inform you that my trees arrived in great condition, and the way they were packed was excellent.

I could see that there was quite a bit of thought in how the packaging was done. The thick-walled boxes prevented the box contents from being easily damaged, the plastic bag tied around the pot to keep the soil from coming out in the event the box was turned on its side, as well as the tall pole that kept the tree in place preventing the tree from sliding down to the other end of the box.

GREAT JOB! Hope to do future business with Bob Wells Nursery




I wanted to try avocado trees here on the southern coast of Oregon and this website had some prospects. I chose 3 but thought “these trees are not cheap, and neither is the shipping.” 

When they arrived last fall they looked like they flew first class, 4-5′ trees with lots of leaves and roots. I was afraid to plant them because of the prediction of the polar vortex so I kept them in pots in the greenhouse until March 1 and then I planted them outside. In spite of frosty mornings, they started growing right away and I even got flower buds the first spring.

I couldn’t be happier. Let me see if I can find room for more.