ornamental shade trees

Ornamental Shade Trees

Ornamental and non-flowering shade trees can add beauty and functionality to any landscape.  Do you enjoy the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms? Would you like to fill your garden with cascading golden flowers?  Then add a fast growing ornamental shade tree (or two) to your garden. Choose from small to large trees that are regarded by horticulturists to be low maintenance. Bob Wells Nursery has various flowering dogwood trees, cherry trees, and so much more.  Click here to search the beauty and add a speck of color to your landscape today! 

non-flowering shade trees in Lindale, TX


Do you prefer the look of a non-flowering tree?  Need a small bush or tree that thrives in full sun or partial shade?  These come in a large range of sizes and adaptability to their environment to give you shade when and where you need it most.   Therefore, choose from various fast growing types that can adapt to a variety of soils and are excellent for small spaces.  From red maples to strong oak trees, Bob Wells Nursery carries all types of ornamental and non-flowering shade trees that you can enjoy for years to come.