Scuppernong Bronze Muscadine


Scuppernong is the oldest muscadine cultivar. It originates from the Scuppernong River in North Carolina. The berries are larger than those produced by most native vines. At one time, Scuppernong was so popular that all bronze cultivars are called ‘Scuppernongs’ by many people today. However, the term ‘Scuppernong’ actually is the name of a particular cultivar. These muscadines have 17% sugar.

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SIZE: 2-year-old vine

POLLINATION: This is a female variety. Female muscadine vines must be planted within 50 feet of a self-fertile muscadine in order to bear fruit. One self-fertile muscadine will pollinate 3 female vines. A bronze female can be pollinated by a black self-fertile and a black female can be pollinated by a bronze self-fertile.

SPACING: Plant 12-20 feet apart

HARVEST DATE: Late season

USES: Fresh Eating – Wine – Jelly – Juice

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